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Welcome to my Blog!  I have attempted before, at various times in my life, to keep a blog.  The first time was before kids... you know, as a 20-something when I was soooooo busy (insert sarcastic eyeroll here).  The second time was when we were trying to have kids. That lasted until my son was almost a year old. Because, again... I was too busy (HA).

Now I have two young kids with lives and schedules of their own, a business, and a family/home to care for.... there is always something to be done. 

You might be laughing to yourself as you are questioning why I might attempt this again.  Well the truth is that I have figured out that my sanity is tied to a few things... #1 Sleep.  If I don't have enough sleep I am a nut case the next day.  Really. Insane in the membrane. #2 Chocolate (or cookies, or candy, or ice cream).  I read once that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.  Obviously the author of that quote had no taste buds.  Because last time I checked skinny didn't taste nearly as good as my baking (or that tub of ice cream in my freezer). and #3 Creativity.  I need to do something that is the least bit creative each day.  I knit. I sew. I scrapbook (well I used to anyway). I crafts.  I like to be creative.  So each day (or at the very least each week) I try and be creative.. make something. Do something. Or even just make a plan to make something (in a pinch just surfing pinterest will do).

So I figured this might be fun to share all of the creative projects that keep me sane. Some I find on the web and make them my own.  Others are straight from my brain.  I plan to put some tutorials up on this blog so maybe others who need to stay creative to stay sane can have fun making stuff too!

Thanks for reading and feel free to say HI if you get a chance!



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